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For Students - Residency Permit & internship Permit / Aufenthaltsgenehmigung & Praktikumserlaubnis





Getting Your Aufenthaltserlaubnis

ALL students, including interns, who stay in Germany for more than three months must obtain an Aufenhaltserlaubnis (residency permit).

If you are not a US citizen, please check with your embassy or consulate BEFORE leaving for Germany to make sure you have the proper visa in your passport, i.e. one that will enable you to get an Aufenhaltserlaubnis for the entire length of your planned stay.

When to Get it
We will organize the process for the group of applicants; this entails relinquishing your passport to the Landeseinwohneramt (LEA) for up to two weeks. Please make sure to hand in all the required materials as announced by the Berlin staff. If you miss to respond in time you will need to take care of the appication for a permit to stay on your own.

If you come in a quarter in which you will be applying for your Aufenthaltsgenehmigung individually, you will need to make a personal appointment; to obtain this, you send an email to the LEA (email address depends on the first letter of your family name, see below) in which you propose up to 3 different dates on which it is feasible for you togo there (without missing classes); you should send your inquiry at least three weeks before your preferred date.

Where to Get it

Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten (LABO)
LABO/ Ausländerbehörde Berlin
Standort Keplerstr. 2
10589 Berlin
Tel: (030) 90269-4000
Fax: (030) 90269-4099
Contact Form:
Opening hours and further information:
Making an appointment: (Zuständige Behörden ––> Termin buchen)

By public transport: U-9 station "Amrumer Strasse" is the closest BVG connection;
S-4 Station "Westhofen," Busse: 127, 22, 248 are also OK.

What do You Need to Bring

  • Your passport (der Reisepass)
  • Your police registration (die polizeiliche Anmeldung)
  • A filled-out and signed application (ein Antrag): will be made available at the intern red tape seminar in Berlin or can be obtained from the internship office
  • Two biometrical photographs (biometrische Passbilder) must be obtained in Berlin (photo must show full face, looking straight at the camera, neutral expression, mouth closed, on normal photographic paper, 45 mm x 35 mm)
  • 60 Euro in cash (in bar)
  • Your Studien-/Immmatrikulationsbescheinigung and one photocopy (the text must contain the period of your enrollment in Stanford in Berlin and an Unterhaltsnachweis or Finanzierungsnachweis)
  • Proof of health insurance (der Krankenversicherungsnachweis must contain the timeframe of validity of the insurance

Getting Your Praktikumserlaubnis

All students who are not EU citizens must obtain an internship permit which certifies that you do not need a work permit for doing the internship – an internship is an educational activity and as such part of your academic qualification, not "work."  This permit is bound to a specific internship host and a defined time frame.  The internship coordinators will procure this permit for you once a host has accepted you as an intern.  The permit must be applied for at least four week before the start of the internship.