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14195 Berlin Germany

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Administrative Staff

photo of Maria E. BiegeDr. Karen Ruoff Kramer, Director

I've been the Director here since 1980 and teach "Contemporary Theater", "Culture and Politics in Modern Germany", "Split Images: A Century of Cinema".
I have studied at Stanford University (B.A. in English literature,1969; Ph.D. in German Studies, 1984) and at the Freie Universität Berlin (Masters of Arts in Philosophy, Comparative Literature and American Studies, 1976).
I've been a guest professor at Stanford in California on several occasions and am the author of diverse texts, including The Politics of Discourse: Third Thoughts on New Subjectivity (NY/Bern: NYU Ottendorfer Series, 1994).
I am also a published poet, a cellist of sorts and I dance with horses (dressage - I should have the lead, but in fact they usually do...).

Students can be in touch with Karen concerning:

  • Academic advising, including courses at the Freie Universität, and Directed Reading
  • Courses and curriculum
  • General advising and concerns
photo of Maria E. BiegeMaria E. Biege, Associate Director
In addition to serving as Associate Director for the Stanford Program in Berlin, Maria is a German instructor and coordinator of the language program. Maria studied at the Friedrich Wilhelm-Universität Bonn and at Stanford University (1976 - 1982, M.A. in 1978). Maria currently teaches the second-year German course (GERLANG 22B).
Students can be in touch with Maria concerning:
  • Language program, language partners/Tandems
  • Mentors for E40, E50 and other technical courses
  • Events at the Center, Bing Field Trip
  • Creative Writing
Georg Eppenstein, Hausmeister and Technology Assistant
Students can be in touch with Georg concerning:
  • Technical assistance with computers
  • Infrastructural facility issues
  • Emergency Response infrastructure
photo of Maria E. BiegeDr. Wolf-Dietrich Junghanns, Internship Program Coordinator

Studies in philosophy at the University Rostov on Don, Russia (Diploma 1984), and at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Dr. phil. 1990); taught at the Technische Hochschule Magdeburg (1984-86), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (1986-87, 89-90), Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA (1992). Freelance researcher and translator; co-editor of the journal Berliner Debatte INITIAL. Zeitschrift für sozialwissenschaftlichen Diskurs". Serves also as coordinator of the Krupp Internship Program for Stanford Students in Germany and teaches:

  • "Theory from the Bleachers: Reading German Sports and Culture" (Winter Quarter)
  • "Sports, Culture and Gender in Comparative Perspective" (Spring Quarter)
photo of Edeltraut Kruger Edeltraut Krüger, Financial and Facility Officer

I am responsible for all financial affairs, the house management at the center, the housing of our students and other non-academic student issues.

I studied at the Hochschule für Oekonomie in Berlin Economics.

Students can be in touch with Edeltraut concerning:
  • housing, homestays
  • student banking
  • Cultural subsidy, public transportation subsidy
  • Payments for readers, tickets, etc.
  • Wash Tokens
photo of Jutta leyJutta Ley, Internship and Academic Assistant

I am the Internship and Academic Assistant of Stanford University in Berlin, where I work closely with Dr. Karen Kramer, the Director of the Berlin program, and Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Junghanns, the Internship Coordinator.

I am the contact person for academic questions and library issues. I also take care of the center library and the computational administration of the Center.

I am from Southern Germany and came to Berlin to study long before the Wall came down. I studied at the Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin and at the Freie Universitaet Berlin, majoring in American Studies and Communication.

Students can be in touch with Jutta concerning:
  • Internships, preparation for interviews, procurement of visa
  • Berlin Orientation, incl. Center calendar, weekly newsletter, Webpage (Stanford/Berlin, and Distributed Campus)
  • Extracurricular activities, volunteering, etc.
  • Library, Webpage (Stanford/Berlin and Distributed Campus)
  • Bing Events, Bing Dinners, Instrument Rental
  • AXESS, Drop/Add cards, petitions, etc., FU Sports, FU enrolment formalities,
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